International Conference 2022

It's time to Celebrate!  Together we will welcome the return of the Flame of Hope to the 2022 Law Enforcement Torch Run® International Conference at the Kalahari Resort, Round Rock, Texas on November 3rd - 5th.

The LETR International Conference is an opportunity to connect with members of the LETR movement worldwide. The weekend features breakout sessions centered around building your knowledge of LETR, event planning and fundraising as well as social events.If you are interested in attending this years conference as a self-paid delegate please email your intent to attend to to respondSeptember 2nd, 2022 for more information. 


This year we are offering 7 fully funded delegate positions, 1 in each region, for those any member who is interested in growing in their role with Alberta LETR. Unlike past years where delegate selection has been based on past accomplishments under various categories, this year delegates will be selected on a regional basis, with the concept of “growth over reward” being the focus. Each Region will select a delegate to attend the conference. AB LETR needs to be kickstarted both in events and volunteers. The following is the selection criteria agreed upon by the AB LETR Operations’ Committee.

Selection Criteria

  • One delegate per region
  • The applicant must have demonstrated a willingness to commit to volunteering at or organizing LETR events in their Region.
  • The applicant must submit a “plan for growth” for their respective LETR Region. This plan will form part of their application package. Growth can be in various formats such as event based or growth in volunteers and agency commitment.
  • The applicant must be endorsed by their respective Region Chairperson. If the applicant is the Chairperson, then endorsement can come from the Provincial Director.
  • The applicant must commit to attending the 2023 AB LETR Kick Off Conference in Calgary November 2022 to present at a session. The presentation will be based on session information obtained at the LETR International Conference.
  • The applicant must be agreeable to the conditions on the Code of Conduct Form.
  • Agency endorsement to attend (If applicable).

If you wish to apply for selection consideration, please complete the attached form below by May 31, 2022. Selection will be made by June 10, 2022.

2022 International Conference Application Form