Meet the Pack: Marie Powell

Marie has been heavily involved with Special Olympics ever since she joined nine years ago and will be heading to her third straight National Games for Team Alberta. Her start in Special Olympics happened as a bit of a fluke when she was looking to do some volunteer work and, after her first day in track and field was hooked. … Read More

Meet the Pack: Jan Pydde

The floor hockey team in Wetaskiwin will be well-prepared, well-trained, and ready to play their hearts out thanks to the 30 years of experience that Associate Coach Jan Pydde brings to the table. Jan’s journey with Special Olympics started in 1995, volunteering with the 5-pin bowling program in Leduc. Four years later she became more involved after enrolling her son … Read More

Meet the Pack: James Scott

Grande Prairie’s James Scott will represent Team Alberta at the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games 2020 in Thunder Bay and his 28 years of experience will be critical in motivation the speed skating athletes. He got his start with Special Olympics after enrolling his daughter Francene and after finding out that the program needed more volunteers, he dove at the … Read More

Meet the Pack: Blain Fuller

Blain Fuller is ecstatic to be bringing his first floor hockey team to Nationals. It is something he has dreamed about doing since he started coaching with Special Olympics way back in 1989 and bringing his Wetaskiwin floor hockey team to Thunder Bay is the realization of a 30-year journey. Although, this is not the first time he has embarked … Read More

Meet the Pack: Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole started coaching with Special Olympics Alberta four years ago and while this is not his first stint as a Special Olympics coach, his journey back to coaching seemed improbable for many years. 22 years ago, Ryan started volunteering with Special Olympics in Manitoba through a program with his Junior A team, and ultimately loved his experience. Unfortunately for … Read More

Meet the Pack: Kim Roasting

For Kim Roasting, getting involved with Special Olympics started as a gesture to help her uncle who was an athlete, but quickly blossomed into a love for coaching. “I [volunteered] for about 10 years and then moved to Alberta and, something was just missing, so I joined here in Wetaskiwin and been here ever since,” says Kim. Kim has plenty … Read More

Meet the Pack: Lyndon Chubbs

Team Alberta snowshoeing will not be lacking an experienced leader with Head Coach, Lyndon Chubbs at the helm. Lyndon is set to attend his fourth National Games as a coach and while they were not all with Team Alberta, he knows how to create an inclusive environment where his athletes can thrive. He has lived all over Canada due to … Read More

Meet the Pack: Matthew Pedwell

For the Pedwells, coaching in Special Olympics has been a family affair as both Matthew and his wife Chelsee have been heavily involved for over a decade now. Matthew would always drive his wife to volunteer at Special Olympics programs and after seeing the joy it brought her, he decided to sign up too. That joy quickly blossomed and Matthew … Read More

Meet the Pack: Faye St. Onge

Faye is one of our longest tenured coaches at Special Olympics Alberta and she has been with sharing her wisdom with our athletes for 33 years. Originally, Faye got her start with Special Olympics when she enrolled her daughter Jody in the 5-pin bowling program in Calgary. The whole family quickly fell in love with the atmosphere Special Olympics provided … Read More

Meet the Pack: Barb Prystai

Spins, turns, and dancing on ice is Barb’s specialty and there is no one more qualified to lead Team Alberta figure skating than her. Barb has been with Special Olympics for over 20 years, but she has been a professional figure skating coach for 45. This will be her fifth straight appearance with Team Alberta and the Calgary coach has … Read More