Erica Gislason

Thank you for working so hard in helping get athletes registered in St. Albert. The work you do helps create a positive impact on our athletes.

Faye and Tony St Onge

From the first day you coached me in bowling you encouraged me and believed in me! You taught me it’s not about failing it’s about trying!

Theresa Garagan

Thank you for all you have done, to build my abilities in sport as well as my self esteem

Jodi Flanagan

Your dedication and passion shines through in all aspects from Special Olympics, whether its through the Wolf Pack, Coach Dev't, or Sport Dev't. You are such a valued member of our team. Thank you!

All Volunteers

The staff at Special Olympics Alberta are so thankful for all that you do.

Marie Powell

Marie was the visionary behind the PEAK Program workouts and has helped inspire athletes across the province to stay active while staying healthy at home! Thank you!

Marilyn Ritchie

Thank you for all your help with the PEAK Facebook group. The positivity and excitement you share with the group keeps our athletes positive and engaged, so thank you.  – Justin