We know you’re missing your programming, and so are we!
So, to help connect us all, keep us active, and stay game ready, we’re excited to introduce
PEAK Program

This 8-week program offers weekly live workouts for your body and your mind.

Each Monday, we’ll have a session to help keep your minds strong and, each week, we’ll also have a new workout delivered by coaches, athletes, and volunteers from across the province.

At the core of this program is the chance to choose an exercise goal that fits your life, where you can choose to commit to exercising between 15 minutes a day or up to 1.5 hours every day during this program. Each week, there is also a BINGO card of activities that you can use to help guide your activities and keep you on track. Plus, there’s lots of fun things to do, too!

To help motivate you, with each of your activities that you complete, you earn points! And, if you’d like to create a team with some of your friends, you can not only keep each other accountable to make sure you do your exercises, but you’ll also earn team points when you all complete your activities!

Can You Reach Your PEAK?
Join the Climb!

Do you want to make the climb with some friends? Join a team!

If you want to participate on a team, you can choose from the drop down menu when registering. To make sure you join a team with your friends, click the button below to see who else has signed up for that team. Each team has a maximum of 6 available slots, so you should try to select your team as soon as possible.

(Team Registration not required)

PEAK Teams

Stay Connected

Staying connected is one of the core components of the PEAK Program and, to do so, we are asking athletes to join our PEAK Program Facebook group and sign up for our weekly #SOAHealthyAtHome newsletter. 

Facebook Grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/soapeakprogram 

Our Facebook group is our dedicated home base for athletes to connect with each other, share their updates, post their social media challenge posts, and encourage their teammates. Bonus workouts and activities will also be shared here, so check back often and stay connected! 

SOA Healthy at Home Newsletterhttps://mailchi.mp/specialolympics.ab.ca/healthyathome 

The #SOAHealthyatHome newsletter will be your source for information, virtual session announcements, and fun activities planned for the PEAK Program each week. 

Deck Your Walls Ball


What do you call a musically gifted elf? A Christmas rapper.

Special Olympics Alberta invites all Special Olympics athletes to join us for Deck Your Walls Ball - a virtual holiday dance on December 11, 2020 at 7 PM MT. The dance will be hosted LIVE on Zoom.

We are asking you to wear your best semi-formal attire, decorate your "walls" or Zoom backgrounds to match the holiday spirit (no flashing lights), and celebrate the holiday season with DJ Paul.

For athletes registered in the PEAK Program if you attend the dance you will receive 100 points towards your total!

Register in advance to be on Santa's nice list: https://bit.ly/2J4U49y

Reach Your PEAK

PEAK Program Fitness Level Goals

Everest – 420+ minutes of exercise per week
Kilimanjaro – 315 to 420 minutes of exercise per week
Matterhorn – 210 to 315 minutes of exercise per week
Mount Robson – 140 to 210 minutes of exercise per week


* Choose the weekly activity goal that fits your comfort level. If you have been active all summer, Everest or Kilimanjaro may be a better option for you. If you are looking to get back into training, try Matterhorn or Mount Robson. *

There is no limitation on how you choose to exercise to obtain your weekly fitness goals. We do, however, suggest that you follow the Fit 5 Activity Guide, live workout sessions, Bingo cards, or any of the Healthy at Home virtual programs.

Point System

Throughout the Program, you will earn points for all the PEAK activities and workouts you participate in. Earning points will help you stay on track with your fitness goals, support your team, and you could also be eligible to win a prize pack if you collect the most points!

Here’s how you earn points:

100 points for completing your weekly fitness goal (Everest, Kilimanjaro, Matterhorn, Mount Robson)

50 points if everyone on your team completes their weekly goal

Complete your weekly Bingo card and earn:

                10 point – completing 4 corners
                20 points – completing a line
                30 points – completing I-N-G columns
                50 points – completing full card*

*Please note that 50 points is the maximum number of points you can earn for completing your Bingo card each week.

Bingo cards will be posted to the website, shared in the weekly SOA Healthy at Home newsletter, and will be available on the private Facebook group.

25 points for every Facebook Live/Zoom session attended. After attending a session, you will be given the secret password that you can submit at the end of each week when filling out your weekly tracking form (see “Tracking Your Climb to the PEAK”). If you miss the scheduled sessions on Monday and Wednesday, you can watch the videos at a later date to still receive the points.

BONUS activities will be scheduled throughout the Program and are also 25 points. These activities will be shared in the closed Facebook group and in the SOA Healthy at Home newsletter.

Bonus activities are live events only, after attending a session, you will be given the secret password that you can submit at the end of each week when filling out your weekly tracking form.

100 points will be awarded for every Dance attended.

15 points for participating in the weekly social media challenge. This challenge will be shared every week in the Facebook group as well as in the Healthy at Home newsletter. For those that do not have social media, submissions can be emailed in to Kiefer at ksutherland@specialolympics.ab.ca.

Track Your Climb to the PEAK

This form must be completed by Sunday at the end of each week. If you do not have access to the online form, you will be able to complete a physical copy of your tracking sheet that you can mail to the Special Olympics Alberta office by December 16.

Coaches: For any coaches looking to connect with their athletes to chat about their progress or weekly goals, we recommend Zoom. To learn more about how you can connect, please read the following document: Zoom Connect.

For any coaches interested in booking a time slot on the SOA Zoom account, please fill out the following form: https://bit.ly/2KHogox.

While this Program targets our Alberta athletes, coaches and volunteers are also welcome to participate as either a team mentor or motivator! Coaches/volunteers can register the same way as athletes, join their respective team, and then connect with their athletes to help them reach their weekly goals.

Track Your Climb!

Workout Wednesday


Fit 5


PEAK Toolkit


Fitness Tracker



How do I know if I am registered for PEAK?

Everyone who signs up for PEAK via the registration form is automatically signed up to participate. It is FREE for all athletes and the first 250 registrants will receive a PEAK Program buff.

When is the registration deadline?

While PEAK begins on October 19, it is never too late to sign up. We encourage you to invite your friends and join us on our journey to the PEAK!

Can I belong to more than one team?

Athletes can only belong to one team.

Volunteers/coaches: If you are participating alongside your athletes, no. If you are just moderating, yes!

Does everyone in the same team have to have the same goal level?

Nope! Each team member can choose their own goal that works for them.

How can we view the Facebook LIVE events?

The Facebook LIVE events will all be streamed live in the SOA PEAK Program Facebook group, except for the dances, which will take place on Zoom.

Will the Facebook LIVE events be saved to view later?

The Facebook LIVE events will be saved on the SOA PEAK Program page, so you can watch it later to gain some knowledge, get your exercise in, and get your passwords!

What is required for the Facebook LIVE workouts?

You just need to bring yourself, water to stay hydrated, and space to complete each exercise.

I do not have Facebook or any other social media. Am I able to participate?

Yes, many of the challenges can also be done via email. If you are the guardian of an athlete without Facebook and want to join the group under your account, please let us know your name and the athlete’s name via email: info@specialolympics.ab.ca

If I don't have a computer (or if I do not have Facebook), how do I submit my card? Can I call it in to someone?

If you are completing a physical copy of your card, you will be able to mail it by December 16 to the Special Olympics Alberta office.

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