SOA PEAK Program

PEAK is a virtual program that brings athletes together online to create fitness goals and attend virtual training sessions as a complement to our traditional, in-person programming.

Athletes are challenged to complete BINGO cards, connect with athletes from across the province, and attend sessions designed to train their body, mind, and health.

PEAK is a community where athletes set goals and encourage each other on their individual journeys to the summit!

The latest season has concluded, but please continue to utilize all of the resources throughout the site until we announce our next climb.


Athletes from across the province have made over 1300 trips to the PEAK

Athletes have tracked over 850,000 minutes of physical exercise on their journey to the PEAK

Facilitators have provided and recording 133 sessions of coach lead workouts, healthy tips and resources and mental performance sessions. 

"I still love the challenge of the BINGO cards best, plus the incentive to exercise every day to reach my PEAK. I will DEFINITELY be doing this again - please!"

Wyatt Oostendorp