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Staying connected is one of the core components of the PEAK Program and, to do so, we are recommending athletes to join our PEAK Program Facebook group and sign up for our weekly newsletter. 

Facebook Group:

Our Facebook group is our dedicated home base for athletes to connect with each other, share their updates, post their BINGO card challenges, and encourage fellow climbers to reach new heights. 

SOA Healthy at Home Newsletter:

The #SOAHealthyatHome newsletter will be your source for information, virtual sessions, and fun activities planned for the PEAK Program each week. All information pertaining to the PEAK Program will be found on these sources. 

Don't worry if you don't have social media! You can still join the climb!



This PEAK season we want to work together as a single team to reach the PEAK.
With the reintroduction of in-person programs, everyone will need support as they return to the sports they love. So what better way to help each other out, than to work together as ONE TEAM.

PEAK Program Fitness Level Goals

Everest – 525+ minutes of exercise per week
Denali – 420 to 525 minutes of exercise per week
Kilimanjaro – 315 to 420 minutes of exercise per week
Matterhorn – 210 to 315 minutes of exercise per week
Mount Robson – 140 to 210 minutes of exercise per week


* Choose the weekly activity goal that fits your comfort level. If you have been active for the past year, Everest or Denali may be a better option for you. If you are looking to get back into training, try Matterhorn or Mount Robson. *

There is no limitation on how you choose to exercise to obtain your weekly fitness goals. We do, however, suggest that you follow the Fit 5 Activity Guide, recorded workout sessions, BINGO cards, or any of the Healthy at Home virtual programs.

Point System

Throughout the Program, you will earn points for all the PEAK activities and virtual sessions you participate in. Earning points will help you stay on track with your fitness goals, and support your team.

Here’s how you earn points:

100 points for completing your weekly fitness goal (Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Matterhorn, Mount Robson)

Complete your weekly BINGO card and earn:

                10 points – completing 4 corners
                25 points – completing a line
                50 points – completing two-lines in any direction
                100 points – completing full card*

*Please note that 100 points is the maximum number of points you can earn for completing your BINGO card each week.

BINGO cards will be posted to the website, shared in the weekly Healthy at Home newsletter, and will be available on the PEAK Program Facebook group.

50 points for every Zoom session attended. After attending a session, you will be given the secret passcode that you can submit at the end of each week when filling out your weekly tracking form (see “Track Your Climb” on the website menu bar). If you miss a session, you can watch the videos later to still receive the points. These videos will be located under PEAK Sessions on the website menu bar.

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