How do I know if I am registered for PEAK?

Everyone who signs up for PEAK via the registration form is automatically signed up to participate. It is FREE for all athletes and the first 250 registrants will receive a PEAK Program buff.

When is the registration deadline?

While PEAK begins on January 25, it is never too late to sign up. We encourage you to invite your friends and join us on our journey to the PEAK!

Can I belong to more than one team?

Athletes can only belong to one team.

Volunteers/coaches: If you are participating alongside your athletes, no. If you are just moderating, yes!

Does everyone in the same team have to have the same goal level?

Nope! Each team member can choose their own goal that works for them.

How can we view the Facebook LIVE events?

The Facebook LIVE events will all be streamed live in the SOA PEAK Program Facebook group, except for the dances, which will take place on Zoom.

Will the Facebook LIVE events be saved to view later?

The Facebook LIVE events will be saved on the SOA PEAK Program page, so you can watch it later to gain some knowledge, get your exercise in, and get your passwords!

What is required for the Facebook LIVE workouts?

You just need to bring yourself, water to stay hydrated, and space to complete each exercise.

I do not have Facebook or any other social media. Am I able to participate?

Yes, many of the challenges can also be done via email. If you are the guardian of an athlete without Facebook and want to join the group under your account, please let us know your name and the athlete’s name via email: PEAKprogram@specialolympics.ab.ca

If I don't have a computer (or if I do not have Facebook), how do I submit my card? Can I call it in to someone?

If you are completing a physical copy of your card, you will be able to mail it by March 26 to the Special Olympics Alberta office.

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