The Spread the Word campaign was built on the idea that inclusion is a skill each of us can learn and practice, together. Inclusion is a skill that builds togetherness through difference and community through adversity.

This year, on March 3rd,  Spread the Word has a renewed focus of Spread the Word >> Inclusion, focusing on the importance of connection. Though the tools we use to connect may change, our shared need for connection does not.

The PEAK Program has been our source for connection over the past 6 months - a program built for our athletes, coaches, volunteers, and supporters to stay connected while learning about health, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness, among many other things.
Connection is not only a relationship, but a shared strength developed between individuals. A strength where two individuals can feel seen, heard, and valued. We want to connect the Spread the Word vision with our PEAK Program and entire Special Olympics family!

This year, we want to spread the word across our community and are asking you to get involved! We are asking you to #pledgetoinclude by clicking the 'sign the pledge' button below, filling out the form, and sharing why you pledge to include today and every day.

After filling out the form, we will create your WhyIPledge Frame on the page below for the community to see!

There are two ways to get active on social media and #SpreadTheWord about why inclusion and connection matters:
  • Download a WhyIPledge Frame to share on your Instagram Story or other social media.
  • Take a photo with a sign that says “I #pledgetoinclude because…" along with the text you filled out on the form
After sharing your post on social, using the hashtag #PledgeToInclude and tagging @SpecialOAlberta, we will be able to link your icon to your social media post.

Sample social media captions:

  • I #PledgeToInclude through my words and actions. Will you, [insert friend]? Pledge now at to create communities of respect for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • I just pledged to make the world a more accepting and inclusive place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I hope you will pledge too! #PledgeToInclude


Download a WhyIPledge Frame to share on social media

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