Track Your Climb to the PEAK

Our goal this session is to climb Everest as a group, so every minute of physical activity counts!

For every 10 minutes of physical activity completed by members of PEAK, we climb up 1 meter towards the peak of Everest which stands 8849 meters high. That means as a group we are aiming to achieve 88490 minutes of physical activity these next 8 weeks!

By clicking the  "Track your climb" button, you will be able to fill out a tracking form once per week

Those who fill out their form by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MST each week will be eligible to win a gift card via random draw. Every second week we will have a random draw including anyone who submitted the previous two weeks of tracking sheets so make sure you submit your progress every week!

Anyone who submits their tracking sheet for all 8 weeks will be entered into a random draw for an XBOX one.

This form:

  • Tracks how many minutes of physical activity an athlete completed each week 
    • Including if you hit your fitness goal 
  • Tracks the completion of BINGO cards 
  • Tracks sessions attended through passwords 
  • Tracks if you completed the social media challenge 
But don't forget!

Part of the fun of reaching your PEAK is sharing your successes with your friends! 

That’s why we're excited to have the PEAK program Facebook group as part of this program, that is only available to those signed up for PEAK.   

All participants will be encouraged to share their successes and encourage others to reach their own goals. Only members of the PEAK Program will be allowed to join the group to help maintain the camaraderie amongst the participants, encourage sharing, and to promote positive vibes only.   

Join the group and get connected!

Use #ReachYourPEAKab in your social media posts to promote your climb to the PEAK. We also encourage you to create a hashtag for your specific team to cheer each other on. (For example, Team Polar Bear might want to use #PEAKPolarBear.)  

What to post: 

  • Updates on your progress 
  • Photos/videos of you exercising 
  • The weekly social media challenge 
  • Words of encouragement for others

Track your climb