Torch Run

The Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Run (OLETR) is a provincial fundraising program directly benefiting over 23,000 Special Olympics Ontario athletes with an intellectual disability. The Torch Run, a 365-day-a-year fundraising program, is a world-wide movement that fundraised over $50 million in 2016. It is recognized as the Charity of Choice for the International Association of Chiefs of Police. The Torch Run also raises money with: Community Mall Tolls, Polar Bear Plunges, Police Serving You, Golf Tournaments/BBQ’s, World’s Largest Truck Convoy, Military Tattoo’s, NHL Alumni Tour, Oldtimers Hockey Challenge and other initiatives.

Fundraising over
in 2016

Each and every year, the movement’s largest and most recognizable awareness campaign kicks off in the form of Community Torch Runs. The “Flame of Hope” is carried across Ontario by members of Law Enforcement agencies throughout the province. The objective of this and other events is to raise funds for and awareness of the Special Olympics movement in Ontario.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run has grown into the most important fundraising effort of Special Olympics programs around the world. The Law Enforcement Torch Run is a program and a mission with two objectives:

  • Raise funds to benefit the programs of Special Olympics.
  • Raise awareness for the programs of Special Olympics.

All funds raised through Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Run events are specifically placed into program support directly affecting all community Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) programs. Funds are then put into community programs to help pay for various expenses including: games travel, accommodations, meals, staff support to the field, grants to new community programs, volunteer and athlete training, administration and information/ promotional materials and development initiatives like the ‘School Program’ opening up opportunities to new athletes. It is important to have one provincial fundraiser, such as the Torch Run, help SOO create an “equitable” playing field. At SOO, small programs, large programs, big cities and small communities are treated with the same level of importance. The development of Special Olympics Ontario is directly related to the success of the Torch Run.

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